UNESCO Anniversary Gala

Our representation, consisting of Andrzej “angelo” Lichnerowicz and Łukasz “zenial” Szałankiewicz, was invited to The Celebration of the Intangible Cultural Heritage Festival in Zakopane.

As individuals deeply immersed in the digital art community, participating in the festival of intangible cultural heritage in Zakopane was an eye-opening experience for me. Celebrating the 20th anniversary of the UNESCO Convention and the 10th anniversary of the National List of Intangible Cultural Heritage highlighted the traditions, customs, and skills passed down through generations. The demoscene, recognized as Poland’s digital heritage, found its place among many much more traditional cultural phenomena. It was incredibly pleasing to be received – in this distinguished circle – with great curiosity and kindness. The honor of the demoscene among other phenomena also shows the evolving nature of cultural heritage in the digital age.

The festival began with discussions about preserving the ephemeral aspects of culture, followed by a gala during which individuals and practices contributing to the protection of intangible cultural heritage were honored. Among them, creators of the demoscene, like us, could feel a deep connection with other forms of traditional expressions, realizing the universal value of preserving our collective cultural memory.

The event was also accompanied by a limited publication about each of the listed cultures. Naturally, there was also something about the demoscene :)

This recognition is a testament to the impact of the demoscene and its place in the broader context of cultural heritage. It bridges the tradition of craftsmanship with contemporary digital art, highlighting the importance of innovation in culture protection. We left Zakopane definitely inspired.


Thanks to the support of the National Heritage Institute within the “Intangible – Pass It On” program, and in collaboration with the distinguished sociologist Dr. Patryk Wasiak, we released an album titled “Polish Demoscene as a Community. Informal Practices of Polish Demoscene Contacts”. (more...)

The creativity of our demoscene now belongs to the digital heritage of Polish culture. And now, buckle up because it’s going to be classy. Thanks to the involvement of the Polish demoscene community, the Chronicle of Polish Demoscene Committee created and submitted an application for entry into the National List of Intangible Cultural Heritage. Today, a signed document has reached us. The application was accepted. (more...)

This weekend, a lecture by Andrzej “unjello” Lichnerowicz titled “Demoscene: UNESCO Digital Heritage” took place at a multi-platform demoparty, organized by the Polish demoscene Xenium 2021. (more...)