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Kronika Polskiej Demosceny

An intangible cultural heritage of the Polish digital art

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Polish Demoscene Chronicles

Preserving the heritage of Polish demoscene art for the future generations of digital culture.

Demoscene is the oldest Polish digital culture.

Demoscene is an international community producing digital audiovisual art. Electronic devices are the artists’ tools. Programs, music, and graphics are created on all sorts of computer equipment, often exceeding its technical specifications - in the name of art.

The “Polish Demoscene Chronicles” Association works closely with demoscene groups, cultural organizations, and researchers focusing on digital culture and art.


Demoscene art is inextricably linked with computer technology. Digital art emerged in Poland soon after the first microcomputers appeared. It grows ever since, repeatedly exceeding the technical specifications of computer systems.


The driving force behind the demoscene activity is the desire to create, and its means of expression are computers’ capabilities, whose technical limitations we surpass since their inception - in the name of art.


One of the cornerstones of the demoscene is creative competition. Demoscene parties' programs always include competitions in which individuals and organized groups show off their work, judged by the audience.

Demoscene equals people.

Demoscene artists create their works using various hardware platforms. They make up a community with a specific language and customs. They meet at events called demoparties, show off their works at competitions called compos, they organize themselves in teams called groups. The groups compete in the most important demoscene competition category for the best production, the so-called demo.

Art of Coding

Demoscene on the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List

One of the “Polish Demoscene Chronicles” Association’s aims is to add Polish demoscene art to the national cultural heritage list.

Native digital art worthly represents us in the international arena. Our works rank high in competitions at worldwide parties. Organizations from all around the world successfully apply to UNESCO to have their local demoscenes recognized as intangible cultural heritage.

The work of our association is part of the international campaign Art of Coding.


Demoscene added to the cultural heritage list.


Demoscene added to the cultural heritage list.

UNESCO in Poland

Work on the application

We would like to cultivate the best traditions of the Polish demoscene and preserve valuable resources for future generations dealing with digital art and cultural studies.

The Organisation

As an association we work towards the preservation of the cultural heritage of the beginning of Polish digital society.

Preservation of Works

We run an archive of works, events, and people connected with demoscene - from its inception in Poland till today.

Historical Studies

We collect and process research materials thanks to a collaboration with cultural and scientific organizations in the country and worldwide.

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The Team

The "Polish Demoscene Chronicles" Association

We come from the Polish demoscene background, where we were known under artistic pseudonyms. These are our real names: